Design Team IV



Design Team IV has a primary focus related on technology and education. A major concentration of the team is to identify all needs, issues, and trends that support our members’ educational missions. In addition the team provides an ongoing forum to discuss and develop the initiatives of education in the 21st Century.

Design Team IV has four primary focus areas. These areas include: 1) identify interested stakeholders to build team membership, 2) work with institutional representatives to identify what services are available in the region, 3) develop a plan that identifies the needs, deficiencies, and opportunities regarding technology and education, and 4) prioritize needs and develop a plan of action for addressing those issues.

The efforts of the design team will address telecommunication, infrastructure, professional development and training, curriculum alignment, student use and access to technology, partnerships and information exchange between institutions, digital citizenship and online learning.


Beginning in Spring,2012 Design Team IV: Technology will convene. The Design Team is an Ohio University, Patton College of Education effort to bring together educators throughout Southeast Ohio to improve communication between stakeholders in education and technology. The team consists of members representing schools, communities, school systems, colleges, government offices, and industry employees. (click HERE for full 2017-2018 Charge)


Chair- Dr. David Moore, Department Chair, Educational Studies

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