Design Team III

Teacher Residency Program


Design Team III will identify roles of school administrators for the Ohio Teacher Residency Program, as well as determining necessary resources for program success in the mentoring of new teachers. The design team respond to pieces of the model for the Teacher Residency as they are developed by the Ohio Resident Educator Program Development Committee in order to identify challenges associated with implementation in the rural, Southeast Ohio Appalachian region.


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Chair- Dr. Barbara Trube, Assistant Dean, Academic Engagement and Outreach, and Ms. Karen Corcoran, Regional Coordinator of Professional Internships in Teaching and Middle Childhood Education Coordinator Ohio University, Chillicothe Campus


Design Team III Report


Team Membership

Joyce Atwood Director of Outreach & Grants Ohio University – Chillicothe
Dr. Pam Beam Faculty, Department of Teacher Education Ohio University- Athens
Kelly Coffey Coalition for 2-year, 4-year ECE Programs; ECE & Para Coordinator Zane State, Zanesville
Maureen Coon Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Ohio University- Athens
Karen Corcoran DTIII Co-Chair, Consultant, Gallia Vinton ESC; Faculty & Clinical PI Supervisor Ohio University – Athens & Chillicothe
Belinda Dixon Teacher; Lead Resident Mentor; Union Representative Wellston Middle School, Wellston City Schools
Dr. Nanetta Fults Chair, Teacher Education, Bunce School of Education University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande
Vicky Hayslip Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development, Ross-Pike Educational Service District Ross-Pike ESC, Chillicothe
Dr. Karen Johnson Secondary Transitions/Center of Practice, Gallia-Vinton ESC Gallia-Vinton ESC, Rio Grande
Jodi Ranegar Consultant, Fairfield ESC; Consultant, Gallia-Vinton ESC Fairfield ESC, LancasterGallia-Vinton ESC, Rio Grande
Dr. Barbara Trube DTIII Co-Chair, ECE Program Coordinator & Faculty Ohio University – Chillicothe

*Report Presented at UPEP & Communications & Connections Fall 2012

**Additional Members from Athens, County, etc. Needed

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