Senior Clinical Experience

Are you interested in getting more teaching experience before beginning your professional internship? If so, you are invited to participate in an exciting project. As part of this project, you would be placed in a semester long field experience immediately before your professional internship. Your field experience would be in the same classroom in which you plan to do your professional internship, thus enabling you to build deeper relationships with your students and become more familiar with the school where you will be teaching.  Here is a sample of the clinical curriculum.

Both teachers and teacher candidates who have tried this approach have found it to be a very positive experience. I believe that participating in this pilot project would contribute substantially to your growth as a teacher. I also believe that someday, and I hope very soon, that all teacher candidates will spend their senior year in a classroom.

To maximize the benefit of this experience and to make it workable for your schedule, the goals and needs of each participant will be handled on an individual basis. You can earn course credit for your time in the field, and in some cases, it may be possible to substitute field experience for coursework.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Teacher Education Department Chair, John Henning, at

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