Design Team I

Innovative Teacher Preparation


Design Team I proposes to develop an aligned approach to teacher preparation that links course work to field experiences and field experiences to the new 4-year teacher residency program in Ohio.

Preparation in the field and for the field is the central concept guiding these efforts as they evolve. To inform these initiatives, Design Team I sponsors a broad dialogs with the teaching field to innovate curriculum, early field experiences, and professional internships.

Responding to data from a variety of sources, the Design Team will give initial consideration to improving prospective educators’ preparation in assessment, classroom management, and cultural responsiveness.


Click HERE to view the current team charge.


Dr. Frans Doppen, Department Chair, Teacher Education, and Co-Chair – Dr. Tom Gibbs, Superintendent, Warren Local School District

Information & Opportunities

Mentor Teacher Candidates Workshop
This is a one credit graduate workshop designed for teachers interested in mentoring Ohio University teacher candidates. Special attention is given to the utilization of teacher candidates to increase instructional opportunities for students and personal growth opportunities for teachers. The workshop was offered in winter and spring quarters of 2010 on the Athens and Lancaster Campuses. It will be offered on the Athens campus in fall 2010 and two other Regional campuses in winter and spring quarter of 2011.

Senior Clinical Experience
The Senior Clinical Experience is a year-long clinical experience that begins the semester before the professional internship. Teacher Candidates spend 10-15 hours per week in a clinical experience during spring semester, followed by their professional internship during the fall semester.

Clinically-Based Master’s Program
The clinically-based master’s degree offers graduate students an intensive clinical experience during a one-year master’s program. Each graduate student works closely with a mentor teacher who provide numerous opportunities to teach extensively, use an array of strategies and tools, evaluate pupil learning, and research and evaluate the impact of their efforts. The intent is to fully embed the participants into classrooms and the duties of teaching.

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Co-Teaching Workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to develop innovative strategies for improving student learning in K-12 classrooms by using teacher candidates. This purpose will be accomplished through a three credit hour workshop that will meet five times for two and one half hours over a seven-month period from September through March. During the workshop, mentor teachers will discuss, develop, and implement strategies for using teacher candidates to develop differentiated instruction for individual students and small groups of students. They will also design, develop, and implement a strategic approach to differentiating instruction during the time that the teacher candidate is leading whole class instruction. The primary outcome of the workshop will be the development of projects that can be used as exemplars for other mentor teachers.

Practitioner Based Research
This is a series of studies which seek to utilize the expertise of teachers to inform the curriculum in teacher education. In each of these studies, teachers, share their knowledge based on a variety of topics including mentoring, innovation, and assessment practices for the purpose of making connections between the field and the teacher education curriculum.

To learn more about practitioner based research, click HERE.

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